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Hi there! My name is Peachkin Doubleknot. A bit strange huh? But probably not so much as if I was named Billy or Joey, Betty or Sue which are the kind of names our grandparents were stuck with. Yep! Peachkin has quite a ring to it, a real attention grabber.  But so much for my name, let’s talk about important things. 

Peachkin Doubleknot is a collection of children’s stories to help kids make their way through the many challenging issues they face growing up.  

Book one, "All About Black and White", skin color discrimination.

Book two, "All About Me & Maybe You", growing up in a not-so-perfect family.

Book Three, "All About Carson". Understanding children with physical and mental challenges.

Book four, Answers questions about, "Where Did I Come From", a look at the different teachings between Science and Religion

Book five, "All About Sammy" judging children on perceived abilities Adults tend to minimize the effects of these and other issues on children. The truth is, children often deal with these issues by themselves, without the experiences, maturity, and support that most adults have. Hopefully, Peachkin can be that support through the long years of childhood.


A Small Sampling From:

All About Me & Maybe You

Now families come in every size and color, and sometimes it can change all around depending on all kinds of things. Tak